We Buy Houses Jacksonville Homeowners Don’t Want

we buy houses jacksonvilleSelling your home can be a long and grueling process.

It’s considered one of the most stressful experiences of modern life, after all.

But that’s only the case for selling with a realtor. We buy houses Jacksonville homeowners don’t want. It’s a great way to sell your home without the stress that comes with entering the real estate market.

Let’s take a look at how it works and how it can benefit you.

How does it work?

Selling to a cash for homes service isn’t complicated. In fact, that’s one of the benefits!

Simply put, we’ll buy your home from you directly, with no fuss. The whole transaction can take as little as a week or two.

Unlike selling with a realtor or selling a house yourself, your house won’t be sitting on the market for 6-9 months. There’s also no need for you to refurbish or redecorate the property – or even get it professionally cleaned! Cash for homes services buy properties outright, as-is.

Although you won’t make as much as going with a realtor, you’ll save enormous amounts on the additional costs. It’s also the only real option for homeowners looking to get rid of a home quickly.

There are no commissions involved in cash for homes, so you also won’t be paying extra fees!

Why sell to us?

Selling to a cash for homes service has a list of benefits that you won’t get with a traditional realtor transaction.

Selling an ‘ugly’ home

If you want to sell a home through traditional means, you’ll have to spend money just to get rid of it.

You’ll have to shell out for repairs. You’ll have to pay for clean-up. You might even have to pay for a full renovation if your home is looking particularly tired.

These are all huge expenses for someone just looking to offload a home.

That’s why we buy houses Jacksonville homeowners no longer want. We can save them the time, money, and hassle of fixing up their homes.

Helping divorcees

Divorce can be a stressful time, and so can selling your home. Does anyone really want a cocktail of those things together?

Selling your home to a cash for homes service can offload the troublesome property, saving both of you a lot of problems.

When selling through a realtor, you’re looking at months and months of back-and-forth. This will be at a time when you’re trying to separate your life from your ex-partner. However, your home will keep dragging you back in.

Selling your home to a cash home buyer means you could offload it in a matter of weeks. This lets both of you move on with your lives.

Move an inherited home

If you’ve been left a home in a will and don’t want to live in it or rent it out, your only real option is to sell it. Otherwise, it’ll become a money-sink burning a hole in your bank balance. At the very least, you inherit a lot of responsibility with it.

But bereavements like this can come at an unexpected time. You may not be in a position to commit to the long and arduous home buying process.

There’s also no telling what state an inherited home will be in. It’s likely to have been lived in until recently. So, you might have to make extensive repairs or refurbishments to make it possible to sell.

You can sidestep all of this by selling to a cash for homes business. That way, you can move the home on without dedicating a huge amount of time and resources to it.

It almost guarantees a sale

Part of the heartache of selling through a realtor comes from potential buyers falling through at the last minute.

This can happen for any number of reasons. It could be a declined mortgage or other cash flow problem. It could even just be cold feet!

But whatever the cause, it leaves you back at square one with nothing but wasted time to show for it.

We buy houses Jacksonville homeowners want to sell with a minimum of fuss. So long as the home meets a minimum standard, it’s a lot less likely that any sale will fall through.

Selling to a cash for homes service keeps the sale as a business transaction. This means there are no variables like second thoughts to get in the way.

Avoid repossession

Sometimes life can slip completely out of your control, leading to threats of repossession. At this point, you risk losing your home altogether and being left with nothing to show for it.

By selling to a cash buyer, you can stop the repossession altogether and get cash for your home instead.

Even though you’re selling at a discounted rate, you’re getting money you would’ve completely lost to repossession. This money might be a huge help if you’re in a tough financial spot!

Relocate for a job

Often if you need to relocate for work, you’ll only have a short timescale to work around.

Selling to a cash for homes business can give you some money back and shift your home on a really short timescale. This means having a home isn’t going to tie you down when it comes to taking new opportunities abroad. We buy houses Jacksonville residents are selling on when they move elsewhere.

Age and health

The house that was ideal for us at forty might not be suitable when we’re sixty. Age and health concerns can change what we need in our home.

But if you’re already struggling with age and health issues, do you want to go through the additional stress of selling your house?

Cash for homes is a great alternative, allowing you to move to a new place quickly and with the minimum of stress. You’ll also get the extra cash from your home.

We buy houses Jacksonville homeowners don’t want!

Now you know the benefits of selling your home to a cash for homes service and how it all works. This should be everything you need to work out whether it’s right for you.

If you decide to sell your home, why not head on over to our contact page to get in touch? We’ll be happy to let you know how we can help you!

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